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Dan Hardy Was Gearing Up For GSP Prior To Victory Over Mike Swick

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 According to Hardy, his style against Swick is similar to how he intends to fight GSP.  Here to talks about his UFC 105 fight with Mike Swick at

"I had a few opportunities and did not go after them. I handled him and hurt him several times." 

Here he give his thoughts on his upcoming match up with GSP:

"I’d fight him in Canada, Las Vegas, England, on the moon, or in the car park," said Hardy. "I want that belt."

"I will never know until I have a go, and I’m here to have a go. I have all the skills to cause him a lot of problems, and he is only human. He’s a great athlete very good at winning and putting together a gameplan; but he is not a fighter like me. And I’m going to get in there and my intention is to hurt him, put a beating on him. In a 25 minute fight, it’s a long time to keep my hands off his chin."

Well, at least Hardy is good at hyping a fight.