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WEC 44 Preview: Razor Rob McCullough vs. Karen Darabedyan

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WEC 44 will feature the return of former WEC lightweight champion "Razor" Rob McCullough, as he takes on WEC newcomer Karen Darabedyan in a lightweight scrap. Darabedyan is (8-1) in his MMA career, and comes primarily from a striking background. He studied tae kwon do and karate, and has earned a blackbelt in both disciplines. However, he's not stranger to grappling either, as he's competing and won several grappling tournaments. He has also studied the art of judo. Darabedyan tends to keep the fights standing, which is exactly what his opponent likes.

"Razor" Rob McCullough will be returning to the WEC after having a long layoff due to injuries suffered during his last fight against Marcus Hicks. McCullough the former WEC lightweight champion is also a former muay thai world champion with a career MMA record of (20-5). So it's not secret that he likes to keep the fight standing. However, McCullough seems to either have lost step in his last couple of fights or the inability to pull the trigger. He'll enjoy a reach advantage against Darabedyan, but will he be able to take advantage of it? Could this be another karate vs. muay thai styled matchup like Shogun/Machida? I guess we'll get to see on Wednesday night.

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