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UFC 106 Preview: Tito Ortiz Is A Big Underdog On UFC Website

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I think this will be something that I continue doing.  You probably remember me doing this for UFC 104 and 105.  Here we are with UFC 106, and it appears that the voters on have Tito Ortiz as a huge underdog against Forrest Griffin.  Check it:


Tito Ortiz headshot


Forrest Griffin headshot

Tito Ortiz


Forrest Griffin




Total Votes
This is a very interesting fight for a couple of reasons.  Tito barely defeated a fairly green Forrest Griffin in their first fight, but I understand that Tito supposedly had a knee injury which hampered him a bit.  Not to mention his back wasn't 100% according to him.  Tito hasn't fought in over a year in a half, with his last fight taking place at UFC 84 against Lyoto Machida.  Will the cagerust be that big of a factor in this matchup?  Keep in mind that Ortiz was coming off a similar layoff when he fought Griffin the first time back at UFC 59.  Give me your thoughts on this, and we'll be providing going indepth on this one as well just as we did for Couture/Vera.