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Post-UFC 105: Brandon Vera Says He Is Only At 70% Of What He Can Do

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Brandon Vera spoke with Sherdog after his close decision loss to Randy Couture at UFC 105 and had some very interesting things to say about his future.  He spoke about the fight itself, who he wants to fight next, and how he hasn't reached his potential.  I transcribed some of the interview below:

I wanna fight somebody top 5.  I don't think I'm any less than top 5, and if anybody wanna argue with me...come on...I'll whip that a**.  I wanna fight somebody next that's top 5.  I think I deserve to be there.  I'm only at 70% of what I can do.  I just started understanding this sport like [expletive].  I should have been training like this a long time ago.

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