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What We Learned From UFC 105

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Man, UFC 105 was a big win for the British fighters as 6 of them found their way to the winners circle.  Also, even in defeat, I thought James Wilks showed madd heart against a tough opponent in Matt Brown.  In fact, I thought that fight deserved fight of the night honors instead of Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang.  This will be kind of brief because I'm about to head to church, but I'll touch on more of this on this afternoon.  Check it:

-Neither Randy Couture or Brandon Vera will be top light heavyweights.  Brandon Vera doesn't have the killer instinct to go with the skills that he has, and Couture is too far gone on the downside of his career.  That was a very lackluster main event in my opinion.  I blame Vera for that.  Couture did what he had to do to win the fight, but Vera should have never allowed him to hug him on the cage continuously.  Oh, and this fight cost me 9K on my parlay in the MMA4Real betting game.  Bast***.

SBN coverage of UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera

-Dan Hardy is legit, but he'll still get destroyed by GSP.  Someone mentioned last night about him checking GSP's chin, but I replied that it would be difficult to do off his back.  That's right where he'll be eating elbows. 

-Mike Swick's gameplan wasn't very smart.  In fact, what was his gameplan?  He'd go for take downs, and then would try flurry at times.  Well, at least that's one of the AKA guys out of the mix at welterweight now.

-Denis Kang, Denis Kang, Denis Kang.  SMH@ how the tide turned in that fight right?  It was like somebody shot him with a Wild Kingdom animal dart from the crowd to subdue him in the second round or something.  I was rooting for him, but I knew better than to pick him.  Kang will probably be released. 

-Bisping got the win, but I wasn't particularly impressed with his performance.  Probably in part because that's how I expected Kang to fight.  I have my doubts that Bisping will ever beat any of the top middleweights though.

-Matt Brown is the most improved fighter off Season 7 of TUF.  I mentioned he might be when we interviewed him earlier this week, but he's got that title now.  Dude has madd heart, and as I mentioned, I thought that fight was FOTN.  James Wilks fought well in the loss, but neither of these dudes will ever be a factor in the title picture.

-Ross Pearson is a gritty son of a gun, and that was a dope flying knee he hit Riley with.  You hate to see fights stopped because of cuts, but a win is a win.  I don't know if he'll ever be a factor at 155, but he looked good against a veteran in Riley.

-Delgado was the sacrificial lamb for Andre Winner.  That was ugly, and Winner caught heat for the punches after he almost beheaded Delgado.  I have to agree they were uncalled for.   

-Alexander Gustaffson kept his streak of first round KO's going.  While both fighters were swinging like Griffin/Bonnar I early on, the straight right that KTFO of Hamman was beautiful.  Another young gunner to be on the lookout for in the UFC LHW division. 

-Although the bout against Shannon Gugerty wasn't shown, Terry Etim has now won four in a row in the UFC lightweight division.  It's time for him to take a step up in competition.  Nate Diaz would be that guy.

I'm off to church, but feel free to give us your thoughts on the show and whatnot.  I'll be back this afternoon with more.  I also think Charles will be posting up his every popular "Unpopular Opinion" jawns, so be on the lookout for that as well.  I'll be posting up the results of the MMA4Real betting game this afternoon as well.