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Follow Up: Cristiane Cyborg Wants To Fight In The UFC

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A couple of days ago I posted an excerpt from an interview that Santos did with Tatame, but the interview wasn't complete at the time.  The way it was worded, it seems as if she was implying that she wanted to fight in the UFC.  Well, that definitely seems to be the case.  She spoke on that at the end of the interview, but also communicated that she's practicing English and spoke about dropping out of college to become a fighter.  Check it:

Do you dream about fight for UFC someday?

I imagine myself there... I’m happy on Strikeforce, but would be one more open door. Who knows in the future...

It's interesting that she's talking so openly about wanting to fight in the UFC.  I wonder how the folk at Strikeforce feel about that?

There was any moment that you thought it wasn’t for you?

I was in college, Physics Education, and I trained, but Master Rafael (Cordeiro) said that he thinks that was better if I stopped the fight, because the top train of Chute Boxe was in the morning, and I could only train in the afternoon or in the night. He said: "I think it’s better if you stop this college... If you graduate you’ll teach, but on Muay Thai you can teach too and you’ll dedicate more". I stopped the college, my mom wanted to kill me, but I followed a dream and thanks God I was happy.

So now it appears that she's going to try to address the crowd in English after her next fight:

Are you doing the english classes?

I can handle with the guys up here, I talk with everyone. I understand a little, but I’m learning more. On the next fight I’ll risk more, the American audience likes that.

You’ll let your speech ready, right?

Yeah... When the fight ends I’ll get the paper (laugh).

If she learns to communicate in English and keeps destroying women, she'll definitely become a star.