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UFC 105: MMA4Real Staff Predictions

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Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera
Charles Walker-Vera via decision
Rich Wyatt-Vera over Couture by TKO in the 3rd. I'm thinking that Vera will start slow but will turn things around midway through the fight and get stronger as the fight goes on, finally stopping Couture in the third.
Kelvin Hunt-If this fight goes to decision, in all likelyhood Couture would win it.  However, I think Vera finds himself in this fight.  I think his wrestling is good enough to use in reverse and keep it standing, which leaves the standup battle which he should win.  I think he beats Couture up as the fight goes on and wins a decision.
Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy
Charles Walker-Swick via decision
Rich Wyatt-Mike Swick over Dan Hardy by decision. I see Swick building an early lead and maintaining it for the points win on the road.
Kelvin Hunt-As bad as I want to to pick Hardy here, I think Swick will find a way to win this one.  Hardy will be headhunting, and as much as Swick says he'll stand and bang.  I have my doubts that that's what he'll do.  Swick via decision.
Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang
Charles Walker-Kang via Decision
Rich Wyatt-Michael Bisping over Denis Kang by decision.
Kelvin Hunt-The only thing that's preventing me from picking Kang in this fight is Michael Bisping's workrate.  He doesn't possess big power, but his style of fighting tends to give the illusion that he's doing more than he really is at times.  Plus, will Kang be able to go the distance? I'd LOVE to pick Kang here, but I have to go with Bisping via decision.
James Wilks vs. Matt Brown
Charles Walker-Matt Brown via TKO
Rich Wyatt-Wilks over Brown by submission in the 2nd.
Kelvin Hunt-Both guys are tough as nails, but Wilks is a bit more accomplished on the ground.  While Brown will have his moments, I think Wilks will be able to pull off the win here.
Ross Pearson vs. Aaron Riley
Charles Walker-Pearson via decision
Rich Wyatt-Pearson over Riley by decision.
Kelvin Hunt-I have to go with Pearson via decision, although Riley is a tough, gritty veteran.  I think Pearson will be able to control Riley.
Paul Taylor vs. John Hathaway
Rich Wyatt-Hathaway over Taylor by decision
Kelvin Hunt-Hathaway via decision.
Terry Etim vs. Shannon Gugerty
Rich Wyatt-Etim over Gugerty by TKO in the 3rd
Kelvin Hunt-Etim via TKO in Rd. 2
Nick Osipczak vs. Matt Riddle
Rich Wyatt-Osipczak over Riddle by TKO in the 3rd
Kelvin Hunt-Riddle via Unanimous Decision
Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Siver
Rich Wyatt-Kelly over Siver by TKO in the 1st.
Kelvin Hunt-Paul Kelly via TKO in Rd. 2
Alexander Gustaffson vs. Jared Hamman
Rich Wyatt-Hamman over Gustafsson by decision
Kelvin Hunt-Hamman via TKO in Rd. 1
Andre Winner vs. Rolando Delgado
Rich Wyatt-Winner over Delgado by TKO in the 2nd.
Kelvin Hunt-Winner by whatever he wants.  TKO in Rd. 1