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WEC Featherweight Champ Mike Brown Eyeing A Possible Move To UFC Lightweight

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From MMAFanhouse:

So you're the No. 1 featherweight, you've already beaten the No. 2 featherweight twice, and Aldo is probably No. 3. If you beat him do you feel like you've cleaned out your weight class?
Yeah, I wouldn't have expected that, but I think it's happening.

If you clean out the featherweight division, is it time for a move up to lightweight?
I'd love to, especially because there's more money up there. That's definitely a possibility.

Have you talked to the bosses at Zuffa about moving up to lightweight in the UFC?
My manager has. I have another fight or two on my contract and then we'll see. The UFC can afford to pay more. Those guys are making bank.

Do you think you could compete at a high level if you were fighting guys 10 pounds heavier than the guys you're fighting now?
Yes. It'll be tough, especially because a lot of those guys are taller, but I think I've got the power and if I swing hard I can knock out anyone.

So you think it's possible that in a year we could see you in the UFC?
I think it's possible. I look forward to the opportunity.

Of course, all this is predicated on him getting past Jose Aldo at WEC 44 next week.  Brown is a pretty large featherweight though, and I think he'd fit right in with his wrestling/grappling abilities.  What say you?

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