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Can Brandon Vera Afford A Loss At UFC 105 Against Randy Couture?

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I wrote earlier that I expected Brandon Vera to beat Randy Couture at UFC 105 this weekend.  However, as I stated then, you definitely can't count out Couture in this fight.  We all know this fight is a breakout type of fight for Brandon Vera.  A fight to put him over the top, to get his swag back so to speak.  Couture was the slight favorite the last time I checked the odds on this fight, but realistically, Vera should win it.  The question I want to ask is what if Vera doesn't win?  What if he takes a close split decision L against the UFC Hall Of Famer?  At that point, is he essentially done in regards to being a fighter on the up and ups?  Is it possible that he could turn in a good performance in a losing effort and still gain something even in a loss?  Let's take a look at some factors: 

-Vera just turned 32 years old last month. 

-This will be his 11th UFC fight and his UFC record stands at 7-3 right now

-He fights in the most stacked division in MMA

-He would have just lost to a 46 year old guy that had lost two in a row, and hadn't fought at LHW since 2006.

What say you?

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