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UFC 109: Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie

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From has confirmed with sources close to the UFC that a welterweight matchup between Renzo Gracie and Matt Hughes is in the works for UFC 109 in February.

Gracie, 42, last appeared in a February 2007 disqualification victory over Frank Shamrock. Rumors have circulated over the last month that the legendary Gracie family member has been in negotiations with the UFC. Both fighters have been approached about the fight, but bout agreements have not been signed.

There will be all kinds of storylines in this one.  Of course, Matt Hughes destroyed Royce Gracie at UFC 60 who is Renzo's cousin.  This will be Renzo's UFC debut, and I'm sure it'll be billed a 'revenge' match type deal.  Renzo is one of the most respected Gracie's, but he can't have too many more fights left in him.  It looks like he's going for all the gusto with this match up.  Besides Hughes, there's not really much left for him after that.  However, if he's able to pull off the win, well tha would be another story unto itself.  Thoughts on this one?