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Cris Cyborg: "I See Myself In The UFC"

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Cyborg gives her thoughts on her upcoming fight against Marloes Coenen, and gives an interesting statement towards the end:

"I knew that she would be my next opponent", revealed Cris, happy with the opportunities that came after the conquest on Strikeforce. "The opportunities are raising, even on the event, I have more visibility, and people recognize me on the street, they’re are supporting my work... I got the belt and now it’s gonna be hard to take it away from me."  "I see myself in the UFC"

The full interview will be released tomorrow, but the context in which the statement is written and phrased makes it seem as if she eventually wants to fight in the UFC.  Of course, the UFC doesn't have a women's division so I wonder what that's all about.  Anyways, I'll be sure to get excerpts from the full interview on tomorrow.  I posted earlier that it appears that Cyborg will face Coenen in January.  You can see Cyborg in the Tito Ortiz UFC 106 video blog I posted earlier as well.  According to Ortiz, Cyborg works out and spars with the guys out at Big Bear.  Her husband was shown getting ready to train for his upcoming fight as well.  It can't be fair for Coenen that Cyborg can train with guys.  I mean, are there any women out there that Coenen could train with to simulate what Cyborg brings to the table? 

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