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UFC 105: MMA4Real Interviews Matt "The Immortal" Brown

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Perhaps no other fighter from season 7 of TUF has made more improvements to his game than Matt "The Immortal" Brown.  Brown has gone 3-1 inside the octagon since he appeared on The Ultimate Fighter.  The lone blemish being a close split decision loss to undefeated Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 88.  Brown mauled UFC veteran Pete Sell in his last appearance in the cage, and now has his sights set on TUF 9 winner James Wilks at UFC 105 this weekend.  Brown was kind enough to speak with MMA4Real about his training camp, his UFC 105 fight, and who he thinks the fans would like to see him fight.  Let's get it:

Kelvin Hunt: Matt, how are you and how are you feeling mentally and physically as UFC 105 is only a few days away?

Matt Brown: I feel great, the jet lag hasn't bothered me at all yet, hopefully it stays that way.

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Kelvin Hunt: I understand you've been training with Matt Hume for this upcoming fight.  What's the biggest between training with him and other fight camps?

Matt Brown: Matt is a real coach, not just a guy teaching you things. He keeps the camp very organized and keeps me from over-training and has more overall skill than anyone in the biz. Matt has been around this game longer than anyone and has seen it all. He knows how to put things together in mma terms not just muay-thai, not just grappling, but makes mma a whole skill set of it's own.

Kelvin Hunt: Besides money and obviously better skills, what's the biggest difference between Matt Brown pre and post TUF?

Matt Brown: You nailed it. Other than those two I'm the same guy. Along with the money and better skills though come improved confidence and more hunger to be the best.

Kelvin Hunt: You have a tough fight coming up against TUF 9 winner James Wilks.  Give us your thoughts on Wilks and how you see the fight going.?

Matt Brown: Wilks is a very underrated guy imo. He has much more skills than people give him credit for. He may not have had the toughest challenges throughout TUF but he did what he was supposed to do in each fight and finished each opponent.

Kelvin Hunt: Most people think of Wilks as a in your face, gritty, brawler type going back to his TUF Finale fight.  He's actually a brown belt in BJJ, and most of your losses early on have come via submission.  Do you plan on keeping this fight standing, or do you feel pretty comfortable with your ground game at this point to take it there if need be?

Matt Brown: I am fully prepared for all situations in this fight.

Kelvin Hunt: Now you were originally supposed to face Anthony Johnson at the TUF 9 Finale, but he pulled out with an injury.  He's now co-main eventing UFC 106 against Josh Koscheck.  Is that a fight that still interest you?

Matt Brown: I'm interested in all fights with everyone. I think me and AJ would put on a great fight for the fans so I think the fans would like to see that fight.

Kelvin Hunt: Definitely.  This will be your first fight overseas.  Give us your thoughts on the UK fans and how will you prepare for the time difference over there?

Matt Brown: The UK fans will surely be booing me, but that's ok it doesn't bother me. I prepared by getting on England time about a week before I flew out.

Kelvin Hunt: Lastly, do you have anyone you would like to think before you get ready to go to war at UFC 105?

Matt Brown: Too many people to thank to list them all, they know who they are.

Thanks Matt, and good luck in your UFC 105 match up.