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UFC To Air Two UFC 106 Preliminary Fights On Spike TV

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From MMAFanhouse:

The UFC's cable broadcast home Spike will air two UFC 106preliminary matchups prior to the pay-per-view portion of the card, a pair of sources confirmed to FanHouse on Tuesday.

The two bouts scheduled to air include the welterweight clash between Marcus Davis and Ben Saunders, as well as a middleweight tangle pitting Jake Rosholt against Kendall Grove.

This continues the current trend of airing prelim fights on Spike TV that began with UFC 103.  The ratings for the preliminary fights haven't been off the charts, but they must be having a positive effect on PPV numbers since the UFC continues to air the fights.  The ratings for the UFC 104 prelim fights that aired on Spike TV averaged 1.4 million viewers, and the numbers for the UFC 103 prelims that aired are relatively the same.  Dana White has gone on record as saying the PPV buys for UFC 103 were very good, and the numbers for UFC 104 are trending toward 475K buys.  I think that's much better than the UFC could have hoped for, and thus the reason why we are getting these fights at UFC 106.  Chea!

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