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UFC 105 Preview: Mike Swick Thinks Dan Hardy Is Delusional

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From Cagewriter:

"He's not trash-talking, but he's completely delusional and disrespectful, and he's not giving me any credit for my career," Swick told Cagewriter. "For him to come on board with three fights in the UFC, two of which the judges said he lost, and act like he deserves a title shot, and act like he's going to smash me, and act like he's got a better arsenal than I do, and act like he's better than me everywhere, is ridiculously delusional and I can't wait to prove him wrong."

Now I understand that Swick is 9-1 inside the octagon, so that's got to count for something.  However, it's not like he's faced the murderer's row of MMA opponents during that stretch either.  He hasn't defeated any top ten opponents during his run as a welterweight, so he might want to get off that high horse about who has earned a title shot agaisnt GSP in my opinion.   

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