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TUF 10: Marcus Jones Talks His Striking Game

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My striking is one of the things that I have to work on most. It’s getting a lot better. At times I feel like a big robot when I’m throwing punches, I just have to learn how to relax and not be so tense when I’m throwing.

I know a lot of you, as well as myself are curious as to what Jones looks like in the striking department.  We didn't get a chance to see any of it in his fight against Mike Wessel due to the quick submission win from Jones.  He's actually pretty accomplished on the ground and submitted a couple of guys at the TUF tryouts to get into the house if I'm not mistaken.  I know he's 36 years old.  However, if he can develop any semblance of a striking game, he could possibly make some noise since he's stands at 6'7".  He'll be facing Darrill Schoonover in his quarterfinal matchup on TUF, and we'll get to see if "The Dawkness" makes it to the next round