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IGN Gives First Impression Of EA Sports MMA Game

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Here's a snippet from IGN:

Dale Jackson, Executive Producer on the game, said that, much like the striking, advancing position will be the same movement or button press regardless of where you are in the ring. If you’re in the clinch, it’s going to be the same motion to advance your position as if you’re on the ground. The same goes for defense. We know that face buttons will make an appearance and that the complexities of the ground game will be handled with a combination of analog stick movements and face button presses, but beyond that little was revealed. Jackson went on to say that they want to keep the control scheme as simple as possible so gamers can learn the moves and instinctually react in the ring.

The animation work is also very impressive. We were shown a leg kick at the beginning of a fight and a leg kick several minutes in after plenty of damage had been inflicted and the reaction was totally different. At first Fedor was able to take the kick without budging, but once he took a few more, one leg kick was able to send him reeling, thus opening the door for a takedown. Now all EA Sports has to do is add in the muscle flexes and ancillary body movements that will help bring the action even closer to the genuine article. It also won’t hurt that EA claims everything will be running at 60 frames per second by the time the game ships.

Admittedly, I never did get around to buying the UFC Undisputed game because I'm not much of a gamer anymore. Although I'm going to bust up Charles and Rich next weekend when we get together for UFC 106 :).  However, one of the biggest complaints I've read about that game is that it's not very authentic.  Basically meaning that fighters often do things in the game that they normally don't do in real life fights.  EA Sports has said that that will not be a problem in their game.  Honestly, it shouldn't be, and their game should be better than UFC Undisputed in terms of game play, graphics, etc.  Simply because they can use UFC Undisputed as a blueprint of how to make a good game with all the necessary improvements.  What did you think of the segment that aired on CBS on Saturday night, and will you be purchasing the EA Sports MMA game when it comes out?