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Quoteworthy: Frank Mir Wants To End Brock Lesnar's Career

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From FightersOnly:

"It’s nothing about how he talked to me in my last fight, I could care less about it.  If I took it that personal there are other ways to handle situation like that outside of a cage, but honestly I just want to fix what was exploited," he explained. "If you’re a true martial artist you don’t do it for money or titles, just to be the best human being possible, and if someone exploits a weakness, who better to see if you’ve fixed it than the guy who exploited it.   "To end Brock Lesnar’s career," he replied instantly. " Really, it’s what I think about all the time. Brock Lesnar exploited a huge weakness in my game and no matter who I crush after this, I have to crush him to show I’ve improved that weakness.