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Do You Want Renzo Gracie In The UFC?

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Lorenza Fertitta tweets the following earlier today:

"Here in abu dhabi with renzo gracie. Do you want him to fight in the ufc?"

Both Fertitta and Dana White were with Gracie at Abu Dhabi F1. Renzo is one of the most respected Gracie's of them all with a career record of (13-6-1). He's actually on a 3 fight winning streak, but hasn't fought since taking a DQ win over Frank Shamrock at the EliteXC: "Destiny" event. Throughout his career he's fought some of the best of the best including names like BJ Penn, Dan Henderson, Maurice Smith, Oleg Taktarov, and most notably Kazushi Sakuraba. He's currently 42 years of age, and would probably compete in the UFC welterweight division if signed. Would you like to see him in the UFC?