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WEC 44 Preview: Jose Aldo Talks Mike Brown

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From Tatame:

"My expectations are the best as possible, I’m training a lot to make an excellent fight", Aldo said. "My fans can expect the best of me and I’ll represent Brazil very well. I’m studying his strong sides, he has a good Wrestling and standing up he’s dangerous. I don’t see an specific place that I could win, so I’m preparing well in all the ways, emphasizing the stand up and the ground and training a little of Wrestling too. I’m 100% ready to any situation and the audience can expect a good fight".

#1 contender Jose Aldo talks about his upcoming title shot against #1 featherweight in the world Mike Brown at WEC 44.  It'll be an interesting fight for sure.  Can Aldo keep the fight standing and unleash his devastating arsenal of strikes?  Can he get back to his feet if Mike Brown takes him down? 

WEC 44: Brown vs. Aldo coverage