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Donald Cerrone Talks Jamie Varner

From WEC.TV:

"He’s still a punk b----, man," Cerrone said. "I respect him as a fighter but not as a person … There’s a lot of frustration. I wanted to fight him first and then he was injured. And I wanted to fight him again and he was injured again. So I’ll have to keep waiting and he can be on his knees praying that I lose" to Henderson.

"I’m definitely not overlooking him, man," Cerrone said. "He’s a dark horse coming in. I’m not overlooking him. I just look towards Varner because Varner is the guy who gives me my inspiration everyday to get up and I know that by getting through Ben, then I can get to Varner. That’s how it works."

Donald Cerrone is still throwing gasoline on the fire that burns between him and current WEC champ Jamie Varner.  They have had an ongoing war of words since Varner won a technical split decision win over Cerrone earlier this year.  Of course, Cerrone was supposed to re-match Varner, but Varner's been out of action due to injury.  Which is why the fight between Donald Cerrone vs. Ben Henderson at WEC 43 is for the WEC interim lightweight title.

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