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TUF 10: Rampage Jackson Is Getting The Ken Shamrock Treatment

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I know you faithful viewers of TUF can remember all the way back to season 3 of "The Ultimate Fighter" right?  You'll remember the coaches on the show to be Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz.  Which until this season of TUF was the highest rated season ever.  Surely, all of the events that happen on the show actually happen and whatnot so the coaches are responsible for their actions.  You'll remember an episode on TUF 3 where Ken Shamrock gave his fighters the day off.  You'll remember him arguing with the fighters on his team and almost coming to blows with Tito Ortiz.  You'll remember most of his fighters losing in the competition.  You'll remember Ken Shamrock being basically outcoached and presented in a negative light by the producers of the show for the most part. 

Does all of this sound familiar?

That's because the same thing is happening on this season of TUF.  Granted, we all know that Rampage Jackson hates training so we shouldn't expect him to be a great coach.  We already knew this from his coaching stint on season 7.  However, this season seems like Rampage is really being presented in a negative light similar to the way Ken Shamrock was on TUF 3.  Rampage can be seen giving very few instructions during the fight.  Rampage was shown arriving late to Demico's fight last night.  Rampage is being cast in a way that makes it seem as if he doesn't care about the fighters on his team.  In fact, the same method was used with Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz.  After TUF 3, the majority of the people that viewed the show got the impression that Tito Ortiz was a good coach that cared about his fighters.  The same impression is being cast with Rashad Evans now.  Check the footage of Rashad consoling Demico Rogers(who's going to be a beast btw) after he lost to Brendan Schaub on last night's episode.  You'll remember the producers showing Rampage walking away from the cage questioning his assistant about taking a stool in the cage for Demico to sit on after the fight.  Rampage said something to the effect of, what does he need a stool for...the fight already over.

On season 7 he wasn't portrayed as a good coach, but he was seen in a more positive light.  I wonder how Rampage feels about how he's being portrayed on this season of TUF?