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UFC 104 Preview Lyoto Machida: "I Have Plans To Get Off From Any Situation"

You probably remember me posting that Shogun Rua said he's going to be aggressive and go for the knockout against Lyoto Machida at UFC 104 later this month.  Well, Machida seems to have an answer for whatever Rua brings to the table:

I’m not thinking about what Shogun has done, I’m concentrated on what I can do. I know he was the Pride champion and I am the UFC champion, but it won’t give me any advantage, it won’t give me one round of advantage. We’ll start from the same line, we had the same time of training... I’m focused on my train and on my fight.


The strategy is a secret... We have a plan A, B and C... It will depend of how the fight will be, I have plans to get off any situation.

HT: Tatame

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