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Updated: Fabricio Werdum vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva At November Strikeforce Event

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Strikeforce heavyweight Fabricio Werdum speaks to Tatame about the possibility:

My manager called me asking if I agree to fight him, and I said yes and that I was ready, but I think this fight won’t happen anymore", Werdum said. "He’ll probably fight for Sengoku’s title. Strikeforce made a partnership with Dream, so my manager said I can also fight in Japan, at Dream"

I wrote yesterday about the difficulties of Strikeforce finding opponents for fighters like Werdum.  We mentioned a few weeks back that Silva was in talks with the UFC, but questioned if he would be able to fight in the US due to his positive steriod test in California last year.  Which is probably another reason why Werdum thinks the fight will not happen.  My thing is, how does Strikeforce benefit from Werdum fighting Silva in DREAM if that comes to fruition?  Which goes back to why I questioned the whole DREAM/Strikeforce alliance to begin with.  Stay tuned.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 10/08/09 9:30 PM EDT ]According to an update at Tatame, the fight is now likely to happen after speaking with Antonio Silva's manager: spoke with Antonio Silva's manager, and the fight will likely happen. "I spoke with them and they said everything it's ok. I'm in Brazil and I don't know more about it, but I think it's gonna happen", Alex Davis revealed.