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Battle At Modelo Bay Fight Results In Eden, North Carolina

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The Battle At Modelo Bay event took place this past weekend in Eden, NC.  The fight results are as follows:

-Jason Lambert defeated Anthony Ravine via Submission(Triangle Choke) at 2:47 of Rd. 2

-Dominic Walton defeated Daniel Sandlin via Submission(Heel Hook) at 1:00 of Rd. 3

-Michael Pagano defeated Jacob Johnson via TKO(Ref Stoppage) at 2:27 of Rd. 3

-Johnathan David defeated Justin Linder via Unanimous Decision

-Jeff Hunt defeated Gabriel Figueroa-Vega via TKO(Cut) at 3:00 of Rd. 1

-Josh Woodall defeated Ron Lindig via Submission(Verbal) at 1:24 of Rd. 1

-Jason Bruce defeated Rubicel Hernandez via Split Decision

-Jeremy Boardwine defeated Jason Bowen via Split Decision

-Israel Hernandez defeated Brent Phillips via TKO(Ref Stoppage) at 2:50 of Rd. 1