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Hindsight 20/20: Could Shinya Aoki Be Competitive In The UFC?

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I posted up a piece earlier this week in which Shinya Aoki believed that he was better than all the lightweight fighters in the UFC.  I think some of you commented there, but I'd like to get your opinion now after watching Aoki submit Joachim Hansen at DREAM 11.  If you haven't seen the fight yet, you can do so right here.  Let's put it all out there though, because someone pointed out a key point in the comments section the other day. 

-Both Hansen and Aoki only weighed in at 150lbs and 153 pounds respectively

-Hansen was coming off a year long layoff

So realistically, both fighters could probably fight at 145 in the WEC with no problem.  However, Aoki is hellbent on calling out UFC fighters lately and of course the lowest weight class the UFC offers is 155.  So did Aoki's performance at DREAM 11 add to or take away from his chances of you believing he could compete in the UFC lightweight division? 

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