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Is Strikeforce Trying To Do Too Much Too Fast?

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We've witnessed MMA(mostly the UFC) grow in popularity the past 3 or 4 years to levels never thought possible.  We've seen promotions come and go, fighters rise and fall, and new stars emerge all within the same time frame.  The Strikeforce promotion has been one of the successful MMA promotions outside of the UFC here in America.  At one point a few years ago, Strikeforce held the record for the largest attendance at a MMA event in North America.  At the time, Strikeforce was still largely a regional promotion holding most of their shows in San Jose, CA.  However, we've seen Strikeforce come up with the quickness like crabgrass in the summertime within the last year.  Then they aired the first major female championship fight between Gina Carano vs. Cyborg Santos.  They partnered with Showtime, acquired EliteXC assets, and now will be airing a show on CBS in November headlined by Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers.  However, is Strikeforce trying to do too much too soon?   

The UFC routinely puts on 2-3 fight cards a month nowadays, and they pull it off without missing a beat with each fight card generally featuring 10 fight or so.  Now, Strikeforce will be offering 3 events in November:

-ShoMMA: Gurgel vs. Evangelista on November 6th in Fresno, California

-Strikeforce: Emelienenko vs. Rogers on November 7th in Illinois

-ShoMMA: Couture vs. Vera on November 20th in Kansas City, Kansas

As of right now, there's only two fights announced for the November 6th card.  There's only 2 fights announced for the November 7th card, and one fight for the November 20th card.  In the past, each Strikeforce card has featured around 11 or so fights per event.  Fighters like Gergard Mousasi, Roger Gracie, and Fabricio Werdum are all without opponents as of right now.  In fact, there are only 42 fighters listed on the entire Strikeforce roster at the promotions home page.  Of course, I'm aware of their partnership with DREAM and they could feature some DREAM fighters on these cards.  However, with DREAM 11 taking place today and DREAM 12 taking place on October 25th, who would be available from DREAM? 

Also, let's not get into the Nick Diaz/Jay Hieron debacle with both fighters seemingly getting the runaround from Strikeforce according to the latest reports.  We've seen Affliction, the IFL, BoDog, EliteXC, and others go up in flames by trying to do too much too fast.  Could Strikeforce be heading down the same path?