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Elite Championship Cage Fighting 9 Preview: D'Juan Owens Video Blog

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Amateur MMA fighter D'Juan Owens(4-3) will be providing exclusive video blogs detailing the whole week leading up to his fight against Jordan Rinaldi(3-1) at Elite Championship Cage Fighting 9 this weekend in Winston Salem, NC.  I met with D'Juan on Sunday, and he graciously agreed to do this for us to give us a peek into the life of an amateur fighter trying to make it to that next level.  Below is his first video blog:


What’s up everybody. In this first vid I wanted to focus on my eating habits leading up to the fight because making weight is a crucial part of the game. I’ve seen fighters waste their family’s time and money by having a fight cancelled due to not making weight. It’s ridiculous and extremely unprofessional.
Future videos will follow my daily routine regarding family, work, and training. I’ll also talk about my mental state as the fight gets closer.
If anyone has a specific question(s) just let me know. peace

Oh yeah, I will actually be filming outside the house. lol-D'Juan Owens

Dope stuff.