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The Ultimate Fighter 10: The Aftermath Episode 3

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You can goto to watch Amir Sadollah, Roy Nelson, and Dana White discuss the last episode of TUF. 

-Dana White said that you don't start to find out who's really talented until about halfway through the season.

-Dana said he was disappointed in the first three fights

-Dana White questions Roy Nelson about why he hasn't joined a major fight camp, and that he thinks it's preventing him from becoming a better fighter.

-Dana White says he was impressed with Kimbo's takedown defense, but he thought Kimbo was gunshy because of the threat of a takedown.

-Dana mentions that Kimbo just lays there when Nelson had him in the crucifix position

-Dana defends the authenticity of the show that none of the show is scripted as well as putting alcohol in the house.

-Dana talks smack to Roy Nelson about his antics after the fight.

-Dana says he and Rampage are mad at one another...that they'll get it figured out, and that Rashad and Rampage will fight.  He doubts that Rampage will stay retired.