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Should Referee's Stand Up Fighters That Are Inactive On The Ground?

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I've been thinking about this all day for the most part. I can definitely see both sides of the coin on this one, but I want to get your opinion on this. This topic basically stems from the Travis Lutter vs. Jason MacDonald fight this past weekend at MFC 22: "Payback". Travis Lutter defeated Jason MacDonald via unanimous decision and/or lay and pray. Jason MacDonald even blogged bout the fight the very next day and questioned why the referee didn't stand the fighters up more. Keep reading after the jump.

I absolutely love a MMA fight were guys are transitioning like crazy on the ground like in Nick Diaz vs. Diego Sanchez fight. However, there's nothing worse than a fighter getting a takedown and doing absolutely NOTHING with it. The crowd begins to boo, I get sleepy, and well it's just not entertaining. In the Lutter/MacDonald fight, Lutter was able to get DOMINANT positions like the mount, side control, and he even took MacDonald's back. However, he wasn't offering ANY offense whatsoever while in these dominant positions. Now, I'm a firm believer in if a fighter has a dominant position, he should not be stood up from that position at any cost. Here's why:

1. It's a dominant position and he can begin to inflict damage at any time.

2. HE put his opponent in that position.

3. If the fighter on their back and/or bad position wants to get back up to their feet, then he/she should get himself up and not depend on the referee to do so

Now I believe most people agree with those sentiments. I mean the first round of Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 is a prime example. However, let's look at this.

If fighter A takes fighter B down and isn't in a dominant position, and fighter B is able to obtain guard to nullify fighter A's offense for an extended period of time. Often times, fighters that get taken down will try to control their opponents posture long enough to cause a stalemate in the action resulting in a referee stand up. Should the referee stand the fighters up, or should the referee make the fighter that was taken down to the mat work himself back up to his feet?

I realize that stalemates on the ground are boring, and nobody likes to see those type of fights. However, try not to look at this from that point of view. Look at it as fighter A has put fighter B in this position, should the referee assist fighter B in getting out of that position? Build with me.