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Report: Urijah Faber Re-Signs With WEC, One or Two Fights Away From Another Title Shot

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That the word straight from WEC GM Reed Harris on Radio today.  Faber has been out of action since injuring both his hands in his last fight.  A decision loss to WEC champion Mike Brown, which left Faber with one fight on his then current contract.  Faber often voiced his displeasure with his WEC salary, along with several other high profile WEC fighters like Miguel Torres and current champion Mike Brown.  However, it seems as though they've been able to work things out according to Harris:

"I had been talking to Urijah for months," Harris said. "I told him six weeks ago, 'We'll get this thing done."  Urijah Faber, the doctor cleared his hand," Harris said. "Urijah healed really, really quickly. I heard it was about twice as fast as a normal human being. He's got that hyperbaric chamber thing going, and he told me, 'Reed, I'm not [expletive] you. This thing works. I spent time in this hyperbaric chamber.'

Reed speaks on Faber's future in regards to getting back into the WEC title picture:

"We have kind of a policy that we try to make guys work back in," Harris said. "We don't just give them an automatic rematch. ... I'm going to make Urijah fight once or twice before he does that."

It's a given that we were going to see Faber back into the title picture as he was the posterboy for Zuffa after they acquired the company in 2007.  It'll also be interesting to see who they would match him up with in his next match up.  It's rumored that Faber will fight in December or in January.  The WEC's ability to re-sign Faber speaks well of their chances to do the same with it's other high profile fighters like Miguel Torres and Mike Brown.  Those three fighters are key in regards to the WEC being able to legitimately claim they are the home of the best lightweight fighters in the world.