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Vitor Belfort Earns Blue Belt In Karate

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From Tatame:

 "It’s a very important acquisition to me. We need to have a base in everything we do in life, so I’m creating my base and I’m having a lot of fun. I’m very happy to learn a new martial art and I’m very satisfied to meet Master Tanaka, a legend in this sport"

Belfort's trainer comments on his progress:

The idea with this blue belt is bring Vitor to the martial art context, where he’ll have to grow. Besides the status he has in MMA, he’s just a beginner here, but he’s virtuous and learns very easily, develops what he learns very fast and has a lot of fights, what will make his way to the black belt shorter"

So it appears that Lyoto Machida has renewed some fighters interest in regards to training in Karate.  I still have my doubts on the discipline, although I'm sure there are some techniques that can be effective in MMA as Lyoto has proven.  The thing is, Machida has been training in Karate almost his ENTIRE life.  Karate is just like any other discipline if you are not familiar with it.  You can't just go in and pick it up in 3 months, not enough to be effective at the highest level of MMA.  It takes years to learn proper distance, angles, and the footwork need to accomplish the facets.  I guess we'll get to see just how much Belfort has progressed if he does take on Anderson Silva at UFC 108.