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Congratulations to The UFC's Newest Addition: North Carolina LHW Fighter Rodney Wallace!

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There have been rumors in the past couple of days about Salibury, North Carolina natvie Rodney "Sho Nuff the Master" Wallace (9-0) signing with the UFC. This morning Rodney, himself, confirmed those rumors:

Rich Wyatt: So I hear that you've officially signed a contract with Zuffa. Tell us a little about it.

Rodney Wallace: Yeah, I just signed a four fight contract with them and will begin competing soon.

Rich Wyatt: Have you got a fight scheduled yet?

Rodney Wallace: Yes, sir. I'm scheduled to fight on the December 5th finale of The Ultimate Fighter in Vegas.

Rich Wyatt: Congratulations. Any truth to the rumor floating around that your next opponent will be Brian Stann?

Rodney Wallace: I can't confirm or deny that rumor yet.

Rich Wyatt: This is great for MMA in the state of North Carolina and especially for Team Roc. They've got Tim Kennedy doing his thing in Strikeforce and now you competing in the UFC.

Rodney Wallace: True. I just trained with Tim a couple weeks ago and he's doing very well for himself. He's still based out of North Carolina but I think he's going to be moving out to Texas soon.

Rich Wyatt: Well, congratulations again, man. It's always good to see hard work pay off. We'll talk again closer to fight time so that I can get your thoughts on your opponent and how training is going.

Rodney Wallace: I appreciate it. No problem.