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Shinya Aoki Thinks He's Better Than All The UFC Lightweights

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 For every fight, it simply boils down to my wanting to win, or rather, my dogged determination to win. The belt will follow my victory, so I am focused solely on winning and do not allow myself to be distracted by belt or all the other frivolous stuff…. I am interested in fighting in a cage since a lot of the major promotions hold their fights in the cage nowadays. I am aware that some people raise the question about my viability in the cage — it upsets me whenever I hear them say that I will not succeed fighting in the cage under a different set of rules. I think I will not be beaten by anyone. It is often said that UFC is the pre-eminent force in the MMA world with the best fighters and BJ Penn is number one: (Raising his voice) It does not anger me, but it makes me want to challenge the assertion. I acknowledge their major league status, financial power, the caliber of their fighters, but I do not consider them the number one. I think I am the better fighter and capable of beating their fighters… so yeah, regardless of the opponent, I cannot afford to lose.”

Shinya Aoki(MMA4Real's #4 ranked LW) talks about making the transition from a ring to the cage to prove the doubters wrong.  I'd LOVE to see Aoki in the UFC, and even moreso I'd like to see how Aoki would fare without the grappling pants he's allowed to wear while fighting in Japan.  What say you?  You agree with his sentiments about the UFC fighters?

HT: MMAMania via DREAM Channel

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