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Jason MacDonald Doesn't Like To Lose Via Lay And Pray

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MacDonald blogs about his MFC 22 fight against Travis Lutter:

Obviously I’m disappointed I lost Friday night in Edmonton at MFC 22. But to be truthful, I’m not extremely disappointed in the way I fought. For the most part I was doing what I wanted to do.

I knew Travis Lutter had great takedowns, so we figured he would be able to take me down and we prepared for what to do if he did.

Once he got me down, he just held me on the ground, doing nothing, for two-and-a-half minutes. At one point I looked at the referee and asked, "Are you going to stand us up? C’mon."

I also talked to the commission afterward and they felt the fight should have been stood up a couple of times.

Sure, he was able to mount me, but that was just because I was doing everything in my power to try to get away from him and to prevent him from holding me down longer. So the clock is ticking away and he’s not even hitting me.

I didn’t feel at any time I was ever in danger. And I wasn’t hurt at all. All I have is just one scrape on my nose, which I think was from the mat.

It's true that MacDonald wasn't in any real danger, and I even joked in the MFC 22 open thread and discussion that Lutter thought it was a grappling match and not MMA.  MacDonald continues:

MFC 22 "Payoff" coverage 


But the one question I want to ask is, how do you lose two rounds to a guy who lies on top of you for two rounds and does pretty much nothing but hold you down.

I’m not arguing or disputing the outcome of the fight. He won the first two rounds, I dominated the third. But how the heck does the ref not stand that fight up?

The reason MacDonald lost the first two rounds is because Lutter was able to take him down and maintain control.  It's true that Lutter wasn't doing any damage, BUT he still took MacDonald down and got advantageous positions like the mount, side control, and he took MacDonald's back.  MacDonald should have gotten back up to his feet instead of asking the referee to stand them up IMO.  Now, if we are looking at the fight as a whole in regards to who did more damage, or who was trying to finish the fight?  Then Macdonald won the fight hands down as he did dominate the third round.  However, this isn't Japan where fights are judged as a whole and as a fighter you shouldn't let it go to the judges if possible.  He's a veteran though and keeps a good attitude about it, so he'll be back.