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Kimbo Slice Is Training At American Top Team

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Kimbo Slice began training at ATT on Thursday, the day after his fight with Roy Nelson aired on Spike TV.  Slice displayed no knowledge of ground fighting during that fight, nor had he ever done so in any of his fights.  So now Slice is at ATT to learn that part of the game apparently and he speaks on his progress:

"I think I’m still there... working on my ground game," said Kimbo. "You’re gonna learn a lot, but you’re not going to master anything in two years. The more you roll, the more you learn, just like as long as you live, you gonna learn as you live. It’s not something that you say okay, you’ve learned it, you’ve got it, you’re good, you can go kick someone’s ass now. No, no, no. That’s something that you have to continue to do."

If I were Kimbo, I wouldn't even train to fight on the ground.  I mean realistically, his time in MMA is going to be really limited just by his age alone.  Kimbo's strength is his ability to stand and bang, so I would be training nothing but sprawl, sprawl, sprawl.  If you can keep the fight from going to the floor, then then there's no need to worry about trying to learn the ground game. He's not going to be submitting anyone anyways. 

HT: MMAWeekly