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MMA Judge Cecil Peoples Is A Genius

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I thought I was done with the whole Rua/Machida fight, but I had to get this out there.  When you know a MMA judge by name, it can only be one of two things.  Either that judges does a very good job, or that judge has a lot of questionable decisions on his record.  People's falls into the latter category, but has been pretty outspoken in defense of his decision to award Lyoto Machida the win against Shogun Rua at UFC 104.  Below People's attempts to provide reasoning behind  his decision, in part why he awarded the first round for Machida:

"My thing is, Rua did hit him more," said Peoples. "But Machida hit him harder, especially in the early rounds."

Ok, so it's possible to actually tell how much force a punch or kick lands from ringside?  I don't think so, but People's provides his own assessment:

"I’m really perplexed about how you give (Rua) this round, because Shogun was kicking (Machida) a lot in the legs, but every time he kicked him in the legs, he got hit in the face," he said. "Shogun would put his hand up, and Machida would go right through, sweat’s flying off (Rua’s) face. Shogun kicked (Machida) in the belly – that’s how he got the red mark.

He must be a genius to have all that figured out.  Like, how can he verify that a punch landed( mostly jabs) did more damage than a leg kick?  However, to his credit he does admit that the ten point scoring system isn't fit for MMA scoring:

The scoring system is a very good scoring system for boxing,

HT: MMAWeekly