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MMA Veteran Nick Thompson Reflects On Other Veterans Trying Out For TUF 11

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Per MMAWeekly:

"I’m sure none of them will get on, and we’ll see a bunch of guys that are terrible but think they’re the best fighters in the world," he laughed. "The truth is, if you’re a really good fighter it’s because you train hard, you don’t drink, and you’re doing the right things, which makes for boring TV. That’s why they haven’t had a second season of the veterans. All the veterans sit around and say, ‘oh man, we can’t drink, we’ve got to get up at seven in the morning and run.’"


This kind of ties into this fanpost that was posted earlier this morning asking if TUF was fulfilling its obligations.  Thompson makes a solid point about why more decorated fighters do not make the show. Thompson(38-12-1) (1-1 in UFC) was once a top ten fighter, but has recently lost his last two fights.  However, he's one of the more educated fighters in the business with a law degree.  According to the report he, TUF 1 veteran Bobby Southworth, and UFC veteran Jason Lambert made it past the first round of cuts.