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Carolina Fight Promotions presents: "Carolina Crown II"

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Carolina Fight Promotions will be presenting "The Carolina Crown" in Raleigh, NC, on October 24.  The event will take place in the RBC Center, which is the home of the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes hockey team.

This mixed martial arts event will host some of the best fighters in the southeast, including UFC veteran Vinny Magahales in the main event.  He'll be facing Lance Evans, who is the brother of former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

Also on the card will be TUF alum Brandon Garner defending his CFP bantamweight title against Preston Marks. Undefeated fighters Jeff Loken, Jeffrey Tharington, and Andy Teague will be on the card. UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie will also be in attendance, so be sure to check this event out as it's one of the largest mixed martial arts events in the southeast region.

You can find your ticket information here, with a start time of 7pm EST.  The entire fight card can be found after the jump and it's subject to change.

  • Drew Stewart (1-0) vs. Chris Sutton (2-0)
  • Carlos Perez (0-1) vs. TBD
  • Walker Vivian (2-0) vs. Andy Teague (2-0)
  • Dustin Turbeville (1-2) vs. James Hall (1-0)
  • Jeff Loken (4-0) vs. Grant Harris (3-1)
  • Jeffrey Tharington (5-0) vs. Franklin Hickman (1-0)
  • Jessica Johnson (0-0) vs. Jordan McDonald (0-1)
  • Dave Linder (2-2) vs. Pete Martin (4-1)
  • Justin Dalton (3-2) vs. Larry Hughes (0-1)
  • Marcus Thomas (0-1) vs. Tomar Washington (1-0)
  • Josh Eagans (2-1) vs. Billey Dowey (0-0)
  • Preston Marks (0-1) vs. Brandon Garner (7-1) *CFP Bantamweight Title Fight
  • Brian Keller (2-2) vs. Charles Whitfield (2-1)
  • Noe Quintanilla (5-5) vs. Robert Owens (6-1)
  • Vinny Malgalhaes (3-5) vs. Lance Evans (1-3)