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Paul Daley: "Beating [Matt] Hughes Would Make A Little Bit Of Noise"

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"[I want] someone who has a name and will be a challenge. I’ve called out Matt Hughes as he’s a big name and would be a challenge for me. People are saying I have got no wrestling, so watch me beat the best wrestler ever in the welterweight division. I don’t want to call Matt Hughes names or nothing like that. I don’t need to make fun of him — he did a great job of that himself when he was the coach on the Ultimate Fighter — but it is a fight I’d like. Beating Hughes would make a little noise and I am all about making a bit of noise."

Paul Daley coming off the big upset win over top ten welterweight Martin Kampmann joins the growing list of fighters taking aim at future UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes.  I wonder what Hughes has to say about this fighter inparticular since it seem as though he wants nothing to do with any of the AKA guys.