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Elite Championship Cage Fighting 9 in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Marcelo Rodriguez will be bring the Elite Championship Cage Fighting promotion to Winston Salem, North Carolina.  The event will take place next weekend on October 10th, and the doors will open at 7pm EST.  There will be an astonishing 20 fights on this card, so you will not want to miss it!  You can get your ticket information right here.  The event will see fighters Timothy Marcum Jr., Zachary Klouse, Colby Watson, Casey Johnson, Grant Smith, and Jerry Smith try to remain undefeated.  The entire fight card can be found after the jump.

-Zachary Klouse(4-0) vs. Ron Lindig(0-1)

-Lonnie Price III((0-2) vs. Keith Hulin(1-0)

-Kris Kennedy(1-0) vs. Tony Scarlett((0-0)

-Larry Baron(0-0) vs. Stephen McCormack(1-0)

-David Overby(0-0) vs. Kevin Hulin(1-0)

-Jordan Rinaldi(3-1) vs. D'Juan Owens(3-3)

-Tommy McMillian(0-1) vs. Shawn Tavares(1-0)

-David Holder(1-0) vs. Chris Crawford(1-2)

-Carl Stevens(1-0) vs. Nick Blum(1-0)

-Colby Watson(4-0) vs. Allen Greenway(1-0)

-Patrick Fansler(0-0) vs. Jhon Morales((0-0)

-Hugh Acevedo(0-0) vs. Anthnoy Wyatt(0-2)

-Gary Wingfield(0-0) vs. Cameron McDowell(0-0)

-Bradley Essick(3-1) vs. Casey Johnson(5-0)

-Jerry Smith(2-0) vs. Joshua Stanley(1-3)

-Grant Austin(2-0) vs. Kerry Johnson(0-0)

-Russell Bailey(0-0) vs. Alexander Bost(0-0)

-Trey Lail(0-0) vs. Andrew Tamer(0-0)

-Chris Reid(1-1) vs. Michael Alford Jr.(1-1)

-Mike Osborne(2-3) vs. Timothy Marcum Jr.(3-0)