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TUF 11: Who Should The Coaches Be?

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Above is a behind the scenes look at the TUF 11 tryouts/casting.  That season will feature middleweights and light heavyweights.  The show will debut in April, so I thought I'd ask you guys who you think the coaches should be.  Which fighters would benefit the most from being on the show.  Should the winner of the re-match between Machida/Rua be a coach for the light heavyweights?  Which middleweight fighter would be a good coach for the middleweights?  Someone a long the lines of Demian Maia?  Those three guys would actually be able to teach the fighters in the house something and could benefit from being on the show.  The only drawback would be Shogun's inability to speak English well.  Give me your thoughts.

HT: MMAFanhouse