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Fighter Finder: Where Is Goran Reljic?

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I asked about this guy back in March.  You may remember this guy for debuting at UFC 84 and winning a memorable fight against Wilson Gouveia.  Reljic showed good skills as a striker, but was primarily known for sweeping the European Gracie Championships in 2007.  That fight was at light heavyweight, but Reljic and camp stated that he would be dropping down to the UFC middleweight division afterwards.  He was scheduled to fight at UFC 90 against Thales Leites but sustained  a back injury which required surgery.  The last I heard he had to visit and get approval from a neurologist before being allowed to train at 100% again.  The Croatian's record stands at (8-0) with 2 wins via KO and 5 wins via submission.  I'd like to see him fight again.  He's huge at 6'3", and would add some intrigue to the mix at middleweight.