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Remember That Hand Injury Lyoto Machida Spoke About Post-UFC 104?

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I posted up Machida's thoughts on his fight with Shogun Rua at UFC 104 yesterday, and he spoke about a hand injury he sustained in the bout.  He mentioned the injury could require surgery.  Which in a sense could put the immediate re-match with Shogun Rua on hold for a bit.  Well, apparently there is no hand injury according to the medical suspensions handed out by the California State Athletic Commission.  The entire list is below:

Lyoto Machida suspended for 60 days for a left upper lip laceration

–Ben Rothwell suspended for 45 days for TKO and 60 days for right eyebrow lacertaion

– Spencer Fish suspended for 45 days for hard bout and 60 days for right eye laceration

– Yoshiyuki Yoshida suspended 45 days for knockout

– Eric Schafer suspended for 60 days or cleared by physician for right side nose laceration

– Pat Barry suspended 180 days or cleared by physician for possible fracture of left wrist

– Antoni Hardonk suspended for 45 days for knockout

– Rob Kimmons suspended for 45 days for knockout and 60 days for laceration on the left side of the forehead

The talk is that UFC president Dana White wants to do the re-match at UFC 108.  So Machida's suspension is essentially 2 months long, so I don't know how that affects things going forward.   I'm sure he could train in just about everything except maybe sparring for the first couple of weeks.  I wonder why the hand injury isn't listed by the CSAC?