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So It's Popular To Bash Karate After UFC 104?

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That seems to be the case and one of the biggest haters is WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner.  Check out what he posted to his twitter account as the fight between Shogun Rua and Lyoto Machida went down:

50-45 marico BATMAN rua for sure good job to him... Karate I guess isn't all it's cracked up to be... Congrats rua
  • I guess they don't take to many leg kicks in karate practice! 4-0 shogun (the bat)
  • Wow I got it 3-0 the Bat!
  • The Bat strikes again in round 2! Machida is getting hit doesn't really like it!
  • Batman got round one... Wth is machidas corner doing to him?
  • Oh,and check out what Tiki Ghosn wrote on his twitter page after the fight was over:

    Karate doesn't work against Muay Thai

    Listen, you all know that I thought Shogun Rua won the fight against Machida.  However, for these two guys to have professional fighting experience and talk such non-sense is downright pathetic.  It's just hating at it's finest in my opinion.  They make it seem as if Machida got destroyed or blown out in the fight.  I thought he lost convincingly, but it was still a relatively close fight.  I mean he had some moments in the fight where he landed decent shots and had been virtually untouchable prior to UFC 104.  Karate is just like any other discipline if you can implement it effectively into your game.  It just so happens that Machida has been the only go to be able to do it at this level.  Machida is still that dude, because we saw portions of the Shogun that was the #1 LHW in the world back in 2005 and Machida hung with him with his karate.  As I said earlier, the best thing about last night is that we get to see a re-match and we now know that Shogun Rua can compete at the highest level again.  Stop drinking that haterade though.