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UFC 104 Results: Judges Award Lyoto Machida The Win And Rob Shogun Rua Of Championship

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Round 1-Shogun misses a kick, as they clinch and Machida lands some knees.Shogun eats a knee as he pushes Machida near the cage.  They trade kicks .Shogun tries a takedownandMachida defends.  Shogun with spinning kick. Shogun lands kick here and is stalking the champion.  Shogun lands another leg kick.  Shogun lands a sharp right hand counter and then another kick.  Machida seems to be favoring his leg. 

Round 2-Shogun is the aggressor.  Machida lands a nice combination and a leg kick. Machida lands a knee and defends a shot from Shogun.  Shogun lands a body kick after defending a trip from Machida.  Machida with a body kick.  This is great!  Shogun lands a thumping kick to the body and Machida with a left. Shogun scores with a knee. Machida's body is discolored from punishment. Shogun gets the clinch and does damage as the bell sounded.

Round 3-Shogun continues to stalk and they trade strikes.  Machida lands a kick to the body.  Shogun with a leg kick. Shogun shoots unsuccessfully but lands a leg kick shortly there after.  They trade strikes again. I love it!  Shogun with another thumping body kick and Shogun presses forward as Machida lands with a body kick. Machida trying to take the round in the last few seconds with a knee and flurry.  Shogun may be hurt, but stays in the pocket and answers back.  They clinch and the bell sounds.  

Round 4-They are trading leg kicks.  Machida slips and Shogun goes for a takedown and Machida is defending.  On the feet and Machida tries to land as he eats a leg kick but is met with a knee.  Shogun with a leg kick.  They clinch and Shogun lands an elbow.  I told yall the clinch would be key!  Shogun with a knee and a elbow.

Round 5-The final round and I think Shogun is ahead on the score cards Shogun with a leg kick. Machida comes forward but Shogun evades.  Shogun with another kick. Shogun with a booming leg kick and Machida tries to answer but Shogun catches the kick. They trade leg kicks. Shogun comes forward with punches and Machida's legs have been beaten which hinders his movement.  Machida with a kick to the body and they clinch. Shogun firing knees to the legs of Machida.  They are separated and Shogun eats a knee to the body but answers with punches of his own.  Shogun coming foward as he has the entire fight.  Shogun lands again with punches and the bell sounds.  Machida looks beaten up.  The judges award the decision to Lyoto Machida?  Wow...robbery.

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