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UFC 104 Results: Cain Velasquez Dominates Ben Rothwell While The Fight Lasted

Round 1-Velasquez comes out and lands a kick then proceeds to take Rothwell down to the ground.  Rothwell gets back up to his feet but is taken down again and Velasquez takes advantage with punches.  North-South position for Velasquez and now side control.  Rothwell up to his feet but now Velasquez secures another take down and begins to assert himself with punches and elbows.  It's all Velasquez now and he moves to side control.  Rothwell gets back to his feet before the bell sounds.

Round 2-Velasquez picks up where he left off in Round 1 with a take down.  It's all Velasquez as he pins Rothwell up against the cage and reigns down punches.  Rothwell is trying to get back up to his feet but the referee moves in to stop the fight.  I

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