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UFC 104 Results: Joe Stevenson TKO's Spencer Fisher In Second Round

Joe Stevenson took another step in the right direction by stopping the always dangerous Spencer Fisher in the second round at UFC 104.  The first round saw a hyped up Joe Stevenson using a lot of movement with improved striking.  He also did a great job of mixing up his striking and wrestling.  Stevenson had the advantage on the ground and it showed as he was able to control Fisher after taking to the ground in the first round.  He got back control and Fisher wasn't able to escape. 

Fisher came out more aggressive in the second round knowing he had to do damage on the feet.  However, a miscue while throwing a kick allowed Stevenson to drag Fisher back to the ground. Stevenson attempted a heel hook but Fisher avoided only for Stevenson to get top position and get Fisher up against the fence eventually.  From there it was all Stevenson as he begin to reign down elbows from half-guard and then punches as well.  Finally, Stevenson obtains the crucifix position and punishes Fisher with elbows until the referee came in to stop the bout.  Stevenson looked impressive.

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