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UFC 104 Results: Gleison Tibau Wins A Unanimous Decision Over Josh Neer

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Round 1-Tibau starts quickly with punches and a quick takedown, but allows Neer to get back up to his feet.  However, Tibau lands another take down and Neer gets back up.  Check that, rinse and repeat one more time.  Neer seems to have learned from his last fight against Kurt Pellegrino that he can't win fights off his back.  However, Tibau lands another take down and Neer gets back up to his feet before the bell sounds. 

Round 2-It's a repeat of the first round for the most part with Tibau landing take downs with Neer hopping back up to his feet.  However, Tibau finally is able to mount some offense on the ground as he mounts Neer and then takes his back.  Tibau with an attempt at an armbar and it looked close for a second but Neer defends.  Tibau looks like he is beginning to fade a bit and Neer pushes the action.  Actually, he's stalking Tibau now and landing some shots while Tibau basically just retreats.  Tibau shoots for a takedown/trip and gets it but Neer springs back up to his feet almost instantly.  Neer begins to stalk again and they trade shots. 

Round 3-Neer starts out as the aggressor again and throws some shots, but Tibau baits him and shoots for a quick take down and gets it.  Tibau working from Neer's guard and Tibau basically lets him up.  Tibau seems gassed a bit to me with his hands low.  Neer trying to get some strikes off and is taken down again.  He needs to get back to his feet to win this.  He does and scores with a kick only to be taken down again, only to get back up to his feet and be taken down again.  Tibau controlled the entire fight with takedowns for the victory.

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