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Dan Henderson And Camp Deny Dana White's Comments About Him Wanting To Be The Highest Paid UFC Fighter

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Well, it looks like it's turning into he said/she said with Dana White and Dan Henderson's camp.  Remember the post I made the other day with Dana White saying that Dan Henderson was asking for an obscene amount of money and would be the highest paid UFC fighter if he got what he wanted?  Well, Dan Henderson and camp our outright denying those claims and spoke with Sherdog to give their side of the story:

"Contracts are confidential, so that statement’s impossible to prove or disprove," said Crecy. "However, we have done our due diligence. We certainly don’t believe that to be the case. Dan understands and we have a certain belief on where he stands in the hierarchy. Certainly there are champions and former UFC champions that deserve to be paid more than Dan.  Right now (Dan’s) just trying to gather information, and that’s his right to do as someone who has no obligation to any particular organization," said Crecy. "After negotiating exclusively with the UFC for the last few months, he’s exploring what options there are."

This is my take on it:

-Dan Henderson is probably asking for a little bit more than what the UFC perceives his value to be to them.  We know he's an aging fighter with little to no pull as a PPV draw.  He's already lost to the current champion as a middleweight.

-Dana White and company are probably embellishing Henderson's part a bit.  I just don't see Henderson and camp being that naive about his value as a fighter right now.  I understand he probably wants one more big payday before he calls it a career, but to want much too more than what he's currently making(100K + 150K to win) wouldn't make good business sense either.

In the end, I believe they'll come to terms because I do believe him when he says that Strikeforce probably can't pay Henderson what he's offering him.  Then again, there's always Japan and that fun box over there where fighters pull out of fights a couple of days beforehand due to visa issues.