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UFC 104 Preview: Spencer Fisher vs. Joe Stevenson

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Much like Josh Neer, Spencer "The King" Fisher is one of the guys on this card that you can usually count on to put on an entertaining scrap, although his victory over Caol Uno in June on the PPV event from Germany was, admittedly, not an exciting fight. Spencer, 33-years-old, is quick to tell you that the weakest aspect of his game is wrestling. Uno did a good job of exploiting that, even though Fisher was able to do enough good work in that fight to get the decision. Spencer has an opportunity in this fight to show that he can get a win against another quality grappler. To do that, "The King" will need to find a way to keep this fight standing. Spencer has some momentum heading into this matchup, having won his last three fights in the Octagon. Fisher has a professional record of 23-4 with eleven wins coming by way of knockout and eight wins coming by way of submission. The combined career winning percentage of the opponents that he has faced so far in his career is 67.4%.

Having spent most of his career fighting at welterweight, 27-year-old Joe "Daddy" Stevenson seems to have found a home in the lightweight division. Joe has fared well during his stint at lightweight and is coming off a decision victory over TUF season 5 winner Nate Diaz. Joe is a durable guy and, now that he's training with Greg Jackson's camp, has to be considered a legit threat to virtually any lightweight fighter out there. One more thing: Joe utilizes the guillotine choke as well as any fighter I've seen. He can quickly sink it in from the clinch, during a scramble, from guard or just about anywhere. Look for him to attempt this choke early on in his matchup Saturday night. Stevenson has a professional record of 30-10 with six wins coming by way of knockout and fourteen wins coming by way of submission. The combined career winning percentage of the opponents that he has faced so far in his career is 63.1%.

I'm no journalist or expert, just a fan of the sport. I usually try to be as objective as possible but I've got no problem admitting that there are a few guys out there that I root for. Spencer Fisher is one of those guys. In addition to the fact that he is a representative of my home state and that he's done a lot to promote the amateur shows here, I just enjoy watching the guy throw down. Much like Forrest Griffin, Fisher is a guy that initially earned some admiration for his proclivity to brawl, but we've seen him develop into an even more solid, skillful pro over the years. This is a fight that he could possibly win. I just think that Stevenson's grappling makes for a bad matchup for Spencer. I wouldn't be surprised to see much of this fight contested on the mat. Here's hoping for a good fight! My prediction: Joe Stevenson by decision. How do you see this one going?